Dog Attacked by Other Dog Runs and Falls Off Cliff, Helicopter Sees and Acts Fast

During a typical helicopter training day in Scotland, the crew members noticed something odd in the water off the shore of Cummingston, a sea-side town. They quickly identified it as being a dog trying to figure a way back to shore. Without any indication as to how long it had been in the water they had to move fast, placing a call to the local coastguard.

Acting as their eyes in the sky, the coastguard along with the Moray Inshore Rescue Boat (MIRO) successfully retrieved the exhausted and nearly drowned pet and were able to provide first aid to it until the owners were notified. The story became a bit clearer once they were involved, letting the rescuers in on the fact that the dog had been attacked by another dog before it ran away scared and getting itself in this sticky situation.

Dog rescue – Cummingston

Earlier today, an emergency call was made reporting a dog which had ran into the water and…

Posted by HM Coastguard – Moray on Sunday, October 15, 2017

The coastguard was quite happy with how the whole operation turned out, getting great support from the skies to guide them and not putting anybody else at risk. One of the elements they made sure to focus on in their report was to make sure that humans don’t jump in after pets in these situations.

“Never follow animals into the water, they are much better swimmers than humans and generally can stay alive a lot longer than us and usually can make there own way out.” is the ending message left on their statement posted to Facebook, adding that they gain more from the guidance that civilians can give them from dry-land than having a second body to rescue.

Take a look at the fast-paced, no non-sense operation down below!

Inverness Coastguard helicopter locates dog during training se…

During a training session in the Moray Firth earlier this morning, the UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Inverness was able to assist in a dog rescue that unfolded at Cummingston, Scotland.

UK Coastguard received a call at 10.45am today from a member of the public reporting that the Cockerpoo was being swept out to sea. The UK Coastguard helicopter, which was training in the area at the time, was quickly able to locate the animal and alert the Moray inshore rescue boat based at Findhorn to its location. They pulled the dog onto the boat and returned it to its owners who were waiting on shore with the Burghead Coastguard Rescue Team. Despite the dog being exhausted he was safe and well.

In a few minutes the rescue was over and the Coastguard helicopter returned to its Sunday training session.

Posted by Maritime and Coastguard Agency on Sunday, October 15, 2017


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