This dog named Jacques is the reason behind the real-life “Lassie” rescue.
Jacques and Annabelle are two little terrier pups raised by the same dog owner: Orange. When the elderly owners ran into a medical problem, the pooches ran into the woods during the confusion and became lost. The police were able to locate Jacques but Annabelle was no where to be found.
Jacques began barking at the police officer and then turning back to the woods and walking back in. He would then turn back to the officer and bark at him again, and repeat this action. When the police officer decided to follow Jacque into the forest, he finally understood why Jacques had done this. Annabelle was heard and spotted by the police officer, she was trapped under a tree, near the embankment, surrounded by water.

Fire rescue crew responded shortly after and was able to rescue her to safety. If it wasn’t for the intelligent Jacque leading the rescue operation, Annabelle would have froze to death due to frigid temperatures.

You can watch the entire news report by CBS Boston showcasing the two terriers.