This Dog Enjoys the Hot Tub Like There’s No Tomorrow

Find anyone alive who doesn’t love a hot tub, and I’ll find you someone to henceforth call ‘Nick/Nicky-no-fun’. From ancient times in caves to the present day in modern resorts, all of mankind loves getting into their swim gear and putting themselves into a near-scalding tub of hot water to take away the stress of life and work. Also, to generally splash water in the direction of your friends (in or outside the spa).

Today however, we have for you an adorable little dog named Cuzzie who enjoys a hot tub like there is no tomorrow. Judging by the sound of it, this dog enjoys hot tubs more than some humans. Hear it for yourself as he croons while making sure to get the best impact from the water jets. Proof positive that some animals can be a little human at times.