Dog Gets Hit by Car, Owner Buries Him Only to Find Him at the Door 14 Hours Later

This story that dates back to the 90’s will have you in disbelief of what is considered a miracle.

One afternoon in October 1990, Mugsy, the 4-year-old Jack Russel Terrier was hit by a car outside his owner’s house in Severna Park, Maryland.

His owner Glenn, at the time, was at the clothesline when he heard a distinct yelping from the front of his house.

Glenn describes the condition of Mugsy as ‘real dead’ without even the slightest of a heartbeat.

He then proceeded to bury the dog’s lifeless body just after ten minutes of the accident placing her inside a three-foot hole he dug.

The two children of the family were told of what happened and even proceeded to place a cross on his grave the next morning. But then the craziest thing happened.

At 5:30 in the morning, Glenn is awoken by the noise of scratching on the back door and peaks to see what it is.

Sure enough, it’s Mugsy. 14 hours after the incident, they can’t believe that their 4-year-old dog has come back to life!

Watch the full video to hear the full story!


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