Your dog might not seem like he remembers much – that flower vase he knocked over right onto his head won’t deter him from head butting the exact same table the next day – but when it comes to the precious moments of life; dogs seem to be pretty good at saying ‘I owe you one’. Here is the story of Duke. A dog adopted by a Connecticut family sensed the youngest member of their family Harper – a beautiful 9 month old baby – was in a desperate situation.

Flinging himself onto the bed of Mom and Dad, Duke began shaking his tail for all it is worth; waking them up – risking an almighty smack on the butt with a pillow – and all because the youngest member of the Brusso family needed him. Mom, Dad and Harper are all ok now – and Duke’s surely won himself a lifetime supply of that extra expensive dog food – but the story of how it all went down make this video an excellent candidate for a click.