Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant from Germany, and she has been all around the world as part of her job.
Just over six months ago on one of her frequent flights to Argentina, she encountered a lonely stray in the streets of Buenos Aires named Rubio.

Posted by Olivia Sievers on Monday, July 11, 2016

Taking pity on the poor creature, she gave him some food and thought nothing more of it. But for Rubio? It was life changing. Rubio started following her back to the hotel and waiting for her every day. Even if she delayed herself by an hour, Rubio was still outside patiently waiting for her.

She even tried to find him a good home in the city, but he soon broke out of it and returned to the hotel. By that time, Olivia knew she had to adopt Rubio and bring him back to Germany. Needless to say, Rubio was over the moon and is currently getting along quite well in his new home!
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