DogEden 60 Dog House: The Eco-Friendly Way to Keep Your Dog Comfortable in All Weather

The DogEden 60 is perfect for the dog parent in your life! It’s an underground dog house designed to keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It requires almost no setup—simply dig a hole in your backyard and place the doghouse inside!

The compact above-ground footprint takes up very little space in your yard—perfect for smaller spaces!

The 60A model also has a tie-out anchor on top, made with high-quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel—it’s good for dogs up to 200 lbs! The 60K model is good for dogs inside a kennel, and doesn’t have a tie out anchor.

The underground den is good for dogs up to 60 lbs, and it’s designed for even the smallest of dogs to manage.

Available here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

DogEden 60K Underground Dog House
Available in gray and green


DogEden 60A Underground Dog House, with Anchor
Available in gray and green