You see it everywhere and chances are you’ve already had at least one this week. We’re talking about Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular drink. It’s even cheaper to drink Coca-Cola than water in many parts of the world. But can we love something too much and for the wrong reasons?
A cold and refreshing coke on a hot summer afternoon is a splendid thing indeed, but Coca-Cola has staggering amounts of sugar and a relatively high acidity, making it terrible for your teeth and health overall. In fact, it’s so strong and loaded that Coca-Cola can have practical uses.
coca-cola bottle 800ml

Here are some of the incredible – and shocking – things Coca-Cola can do aside from being a refreshing and beloved drink.

#1. Coca-Cola can clean the blood stains from your clothes (if fresh).

#2. Polish pennies by soaking them in Coke.

#3. Descale a kettle by soaking and scrubbing it with Coke.

#4. Pour some Coke in the toilet bowl, let it sit a while, and then flush clean for a noticeable improvement.

#5. Coke can eliminate grease stains from fabrics, upholstery, and clothing.

#6. Oil stains in the garage? Soak a rag with coke, let it sit, then wipe away and hose off.

#7. Use Coke to keep snails and slugs away thanks to the acidity.

#8. Rust stains in the pool? Just pour in a 2-liter bottle and and let it sit for a while.

#9. Soak a sponge or a cloth with Coke, and you can scrub away rust and deal with rusty bolts.

#10. Coke makes a surprisingly decent car battery terminal cleaner. Just be careful.


#11. If you have gum in your hair, soak the affected area in Coke for a few minutes and then wipe it all off. Repeat if necessary.

#12. Though not recommended because of the sugar, Coke can be used as an engine cleaner in a pinch.

#13. A rag soaked with Coke can remove paint stains from metal furniture and appliances.

#14. Cake can be used as a decent tile grout cleaner.

#15. In an emergency, Coke can help fade away certain kinds of hair dye.

#16. You can polish chrome fairly well with Coke and some aluminum foil.

#17. Stains on your fine china? Use Coke to clean them for a spot-free finish.

#18. Coke can help lift marker stains from carpet. Just pour some Coke, scrub for a bit, then rinse with mildly soapy water.

#19. Coke can break down and dissolve calcium. This means you can soften and dissolve egg shells to make for easier peeling, or to dissolve calcium deposits on pieces of hardware. This also means Coke can dissolve teeth if given time.

#20. Got burn marks on your pans? Leaving some Coke to sit in the pan can help get rid of burnt residue.