The Drill Till – Dig Holes, Remove Weeds and Aerate Soils While Standing Up

The Drill Till is an extension rod attachment to your cordless drill that lets you dig holes, remove weeds and aerate soil all while standing up.

With a 36″ shaft, it’s perfect for use while gardeners are standing.

There are three heads the Drill Till comes with: the tilling head, the hole digger head and the weed out head.

The tilling head is used to aerate and till the soil while keeping moisture locked in.

The hole digger head is used to create perfect sized holes in your garden.

Finally, the weed out head is used to remove weeds entirely: from the root to everything.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Drill Till Set
Includes 2 Extension Rods, Till Head, Hole Digger Head and Weed Out Head