Drowning Dog Trapped in Well Trying to Survive, Rescuers Show up at the Last Second

In an undisclosed town in India, a dog was found trapped in a well on the verge of collapsing from the exhaustion of keeping itself afloat. Luckily for her people knew exactly what to do to get her out of that sticky situation. A call went out to Animal Aid Unlimited India that quickly got a team on the scene to begin the rescue operation. The well, exceeding easily 20 feet in depth, was lined with jagged rocks that made for a difficult decent and almost impossible without a proper harness.

The team showed great courage and compassion by sending in one of theirs to rescue the dog, first by dropping in the rescuer followed by a netting to hold the dog on their ascent. After a slippery descent they were able to get her in the net and slowly but surely got her back on solid ground within a matter of minutes. The problem now was that nobody knew how long she’d been stuck in the well or if she had any injuries from the incident. They had to take her to their animal shelter.

via Animal Aid Unlimited India

Once she arrived, she was immediately examined and apart from some scabbing on her paws she was in good shape! After surviving a fairly traumatic experience she was kept at the shelter where she’s been recovering and now has the chance to enjoy the company of her rescuers and fellow four legged creatures. A little bit of courage and compassion went a long way on that day, preventing a tragic end and instead saving a life!

Watch the emotional roller coaster of a video down below:


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