Drumi: The Eco-Friendly Laundry Solution

If you know someone who wants to reduce their ecological footprint, this is the perfect gadget for them! The Drumi washing machine is ideal for washing small loads quickly and easily, and with less water than a traditional washing machine.


Drumi is the world’s first foot-powered washing machine. You can wash your clothes in just minutes, and with a fraction of the water. The compact size lets you take it anywhere—it can fit in your motorhome or dorm room easily!


It has a handle with a dual purpose. Lift the handle for easy portability, and lock the handle down for safety when you’re washing your clothes. Need to wash a jersey for tomorrow’s big championship game? The Drumi will clean it in minutes!


It’s simple to use. Insert your clothes, fill Drumi with 6-12 liters of water, add your detergent, close and lock the lid, and step for three to five minutes. In no time, your clothes will be squeaky clean and ready to dry!


By using the laundry gadget, you reduce your carbon emission—it uses zero electricity. Plus, you can give your legs a good workout while you clean your clothes! Spin dry your delicates for 30 seconds, and you can let nature do the rest.


Do you hate paying for laundry at a laundromat? Is your roommate always hogging the washing machine? Do you have a small load and don’t want to waste money or energy paying for a full load of washing? Drumi is the perfect fit for your home and your life.


If you know someone who doesn’t have access to private laundry facilities, this is a great gift idea for them!


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