Sometimes we never get to say goodbye to loved ones, and even when we do it doesn’t make it any easier. We catch up in the story with Sofia the St. Bernard having received a diagnosis of terminal bone cancer. Her owner Alyson made the difficult decision to spare Sofia ongoing pain by putting her down, which makes this video so particularly heartwarming if bittersweet. Doing her best to make Sofia’s last days as pleasant and happy as possible, Alyson attempts to give her dog one last romp in the snow.

Hearing of Alyson’s plight, the fine folks at the Chill Factore in Manchester, England allowed her to bring Sofia in for one last play time in the snow. According to Alyson, Sofia hadn’t shown much interest in anything for the previous three weeks. But upon seeing this indoor winter wonderland, this gentle creature immediately perked up; wagging her tail and rolling around in the snow just like a happy puppy. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that Sofia’s last on earth was certainly a happy one. It dutifully reminds us that all manner of life should be cherished, and every moment along with it.