What on Earth Bracelet Flask: Discreetly Sip Your Favorite Liquor

Have you ever wanted to sneak a little liquor into your drink at a restaurant?

Want to stay inconspicuous but still want that extra kick in your drink?

Worry no more! With the What on Earth Stainless Steel Bracelet Flask, you’ll no longer need to go out unprepared!

For years, men have been using hip flasks for a quick snort of whiskey but now the ladies can partake in their favorite alcohol at their convenience as well!

It allows you to carry up to 3 oz. of your favorite liquor in a discreet and stylish way.

Simply open up the flask and pour your favorite liquor inside.

Then, whenever you feel the need for a little hit, unscrew the cap, and loosen up!

Ideal for glass or bottle free zones like beaches, pools, and parks, you’ll be able to lighten your load while staying camouflaged in broad daylight.

At a one size fits all, the trendy rose-gold finish makes it a fashionable accessory for any occasion.

The pretty ord that acts as the screw is a secure twist-on cap that’s completely leak-proof to ensure you only get it when you need it.

Stay discreet while you sip your favorite liquor and get yourself a stainless steel bracelet flask!

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What on Earth Stainless Steel Bracelet Flask
3oz. capacity