Do you have a feline friend in your house? Are you looking for a fun and easy project to do? Or maybe you have a pile of old t-shirts lying around? Here is a great way to repurpose your old shirts – turn them into a tent for your kitty!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

  • Wire hangers
  • Something to bend or cut the hangers with (like a large pair of pliers)
  • A piece of 15” x 15” cardboard
  • Safety pins
  • An old t-shirt
  • A cat


Step 2: Prepare The Hangers

Cut the curved ends off.



Step 3: Shape The Frame

Shape the hangers into large semicircles, like the poles of a tent. If your cardboard has a fold in it, use masking tape to reinforce it, keeping it sturdy.


Step 4: Creating the Base

Now that your cardboard is reinforced, poke holes using the hanger, about 1/2” from the edge of your base.



Step 5: Completing the Structure

Tape the hangers together as seen above, making sure the ends are level with each other. Stick into the base using the holes you poked earlier.



Step 6: Fastening Into Place

Push the hangers into the base leaving a 1” end. Fold the end under the base and tape down, be sure the tape is smooth so your t-shirt doesn’t get snagged on it later.


Step 7: Adjust

Make any adjustments to the structure, such as fixing the shape of the frame.






Step 8: Creating The Tent

Pull the t-shirt over the whole frame and base with the neck hole of the shirt facing you and the bottom part of the shirt behind the frame. Flip the whole time so the bottom of the shirt faces you, and carefully pull the fabric tight. Make sure the neck hole stays taut. Keep folding, pulling, and pinning the fabric until the shirt is tight enough on the frame. Safety pins work better than cutting or glueing because you can remove the shirt for washing.


Step 9: Give To Kitty!


For more info about this project, check out the full tutorial here.