Eco Six Pack Ring: The Environmentally-Friendly Way to Package Beer

Plastic ring packaging can be incredibly damaging to the environment, but it doesn’t have to be. The Eco Six Pack Ring is designed to be an environmentally-friendly solution to this common problem. It’s made from by-product waste and other compostable materials.


When it’s properly disposed of, it’ll go to a compostable facility and degrade in days. When left in the open environment, it would take weeks to compost. Because it’s made from compostable materials, it does not harm wildlife when ingested.


Even left in the wild, they biodegrade in less than 200 days—significantly shorter than typical plastic packaging. While not intended for consumption, the materials used are non-harmful if ingested.


Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer brand in Florida, has started to use the packaging for their beer. Their target demographic is sea-loving people, and with this packaging, the brewery is helping protect their local wildlife.


It’s the sustainable way of handling cans, and more breweries are adopting the packaging for their own products.


For more information on the product, check out the company’s website here. To learn more about the Saltwater Brewery, check out their website here.

Watch the demo down below!