eleMMent Palazzo Superior: The World’s Most Luxurious RV

The eleMMEnt Palazzo Superior might be the most comfortable RV on the market! Its design combines the best elements from racing, aviation, and yachting for the perfect riding experience.

The cockpit has a central digital instrumentation and MMI control elements similar to those in jet cockpits—yet it works like a luxury limousine.

The 60 mm wall thickness gives you great stability and insulation, ensuring a comfortable ride.

The SkyLounge provides amazing panoramic views of your surroundings, and is separated from the body thanks to the automatic lift system and an exterior stairwell. Plus, the floor is heated!

The interior is designed to be a true home away from home, with luxurious furniture and full-wall extensions.

You can even program different temperature zones for different areas, giving you the best air quality at all times!

To get your own, check out the brand’s website.

Watch the demo down below!


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