Elephant Ferociously Charges at Passerby on Bike, Then People Notice the Herd Behind Her

Photographer Jasoprakas Debdas was filming a man biking on a road when he noticed an elephant pop out of the nearby forest and began chasing him.

At first, it may seem like the elephant was simply furious and began charging at a random passerby, but it turns out the elephant had good reason for its behavior.

The next moments, Debdas never would have expected to catch this unique display of wild animals on film.

When the elephant stopped chasing and began walking back towards the forest, Debdas knew he was in for a treat.

The elephant lifted his trunk towards the forest and that was when a whole elephant family came walking out and crossing the road!

It’s as if it was motioning to the others that the road is clear for them to pass.

Luckily for us, Debdas caught it all on film!

Watch the footage of the elephant and its family crossing the road in the video below:


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