Escape Artist Risks Being Buried Alive During “America’s Got Talent” Audition

When it comes to “America’s Got Talent”, sometimes people will do just about anything to have their shot at the big stage.

For Demian Aditya, that meant as far as risking his own life. In this dangerous act he’s performed only once before the audition, Demian is going to lock himself up in a box with locks on his wrists, ankles and neck with only 2 minutes to escape before 900 pounds of sand breaks through a hollow surface above him to bury him alive.

Demian begins the act by locking himself up, but soon after the act begins, the judges notice that he’s struggling with the neck lock. That’s when all of a sudden – the hollow surface snaps and the sand fell on top of Demian.

But, it turns out, the judges were in for quite the twist.

Watch Demian’s escape performance below:


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