Evapolar: The Ultimate Portable Air Conditioner

Do you always get hot, no matter where you are? The Evapolar air conditioning systems are perfect for you! They’re designed to be portable air conditioners—use them whenever you need a blast of cool air!


The original model has a three-in-one cooling system—it purifies, humidifies, and chills the air, making it best for dry and hot climates. Simply add water and plug it in, and you have an air conditioner whenever you need it!


The second model has the benefits of the first model, but has smart technology integration. You can adjust to your perfect temperature using the touch pad or the corresponding smartphone or tablet app! It spreads cool air the way it happens in nature, making it feel more natural than traditional air conditioners.


The newer model also works with smart home technology, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Both models are portable, efficient, and have a low ecological footprint—the original model only uses 10W of electricity!


Plus, each model comes in several colors—you’ll definitely find one to match your home decor!


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Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner


Evapolar 2
Available in three colors