Ex-Fighting Dogs Went To Rehab, Watch Them Go Wild as Soon as They See Each Other

Fighting dogs are pitted against each other to battle to the death, pushed by their wicked owners until one of them falls down to their death. Its an awful sport and promotes terrible behavior in animals. The Detroit Bully Corps (DBC) focus on rehabilitating these dogs after they were rescued, and today we get to show you 2 of their students that are passing with flying colors: Maggy and Vito!

The former was rescued from the southwest Detroit and the latter from the north side of Flint, Michigan. Once they got to the center, they were put through months of training to fix all the bad habits that had been instilled in them. After hundreds of these intense rehab sessions the dogs get slowly introduced to other dogs again, but this time with the goal to be playful and not hurt the other canine.

When Maggy and Vito finally got to hang out together for an afternoon, they showed that all the work they did with the DBC paid off! They got back to their playful nature, leaving all violence behind them.


Organizations like this create this beautiful environment for dogs that have been abused and mistreated to regain their lost innocence. This challenging endeavor is not an easy one, often filled with many obstacles, and yet it all becomes worthwhile when you get to see the power of their rehabilitation work so well!

Watch below as Maggy and Vito go at each other but in a much different way than before!


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