Expandals: The Shoes That Grow with Your Children

If you don’t like spending a ton of money on shoes for your growing children, the Expandals are perfect for you! They’re designed to expand as your child’s feet grow.


The shoes are made to expand up to five sizes, keeping up with your child’s growth spurts. The shoes are also built to last, remaining durable as you expand them and as your children play in them! These may be the last pair of summer shoes you ever buy.


The tough materials will last you for years, and the sustainable design ensures you create less waste because you don’t have to purchase new shoes all the time. The secret to the expansion is the adjustment at the heel and toe for height and at the sides for width.


The “five” clip gives you more room for your child’s growing toes—the shoes can expand from a women’s size 5 to a women’s size nine! It’s great for hiking and outdoor activities, and you can use it for swimming or in the rain.


Plus, the Expandals are extremely comfortable for any activity!


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