Nestle in the heart of Iceland there is a volcanic glacier named Langjökull.
It winds with ice caves and tunnels and is Europe’s second largest glacier —almost 1400 metres across.


Sitting regally above the sea, these caverns have been virtually untouched by humans.

Now you can see it from the inside by taking an arctic tour of the caves.

Nordic legends say that a troll named Thorir lived near the mountains and so some of the passages are named after him.

The ice at the centre is so dense, it’s blue and not white.

You can also add ATV rides and snowmobiling to your tour package, or an excursion to the massive lava waterfalls in Hraunfossar.


The summer period is the busiest, so you can avoid crowds by going in the fall when everyone is back at school.
Tours last about 4 hours and range from $170-270 USD

All images courtesy of Into the Glacier.