According to the internet, Chihuahuas are 50% hatred, and 50% tremble. Based on the stories we’ve seen, we are inclined to believe this conclusion. Although, Chihuahuas are pretty cute and adorable, plus they have become something of a “designer dog” thanks to Paris Hilton and other celebrities popularizing the breed as a purse dog.
But this family has not one, not two, but seven pet chihuahuas; the two parents and their 5 adorable pups. The puppies are named Yuta, Hana, Mocha, Kuma, and Nami. These dogs and their two parents have found themselves under the protection and care of a most unlikely animal; Ritchie the cat.

Clearly these animals didn’t get the memo about cats and dogs being eternal enemies since they all get along quite well with each other. In fact, Ritchie has become quite protective of his “kids,” especially with Kuma who happens to be the runt of the litter.

They pose for photographs together, get dressed up together, and can even fit together in a dog bed made for a single large dog. All in all, it’s quite the fluffy and adorable family and if you want, you can stay up to date with their adorable adventures on Instagram.