You know how there is a kind of reaction on the internet called ‘cuteness overload’? Well, this may fall under that category. Hedgehogs have already carved out their own niche in the internet for being cute and funny. Whether in videos or adorable photos, the spiky creature certainly has an impressive fandom online.

But one family in Europe came across a tiny hedgehog in their yard and discovered it was a momma with her newborn babies that are even tinier than her. Being a good mom, she is very wary of the camera and very protective of her thorny pink babies. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cute and we hope the hedgehogs found some shelter and safety!

Rare Mini Hedgehog Sighting With Adorable Baby Hedgehoglets During the Day!

via: videoelephant/newsflare

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Posted by Sun Gazing on Monday, June 6, 2016