Most people aren’t in a position where they can change their job description at the spur of a moment. Even if they could, that would probably make them an entrepeneur. Most entrepreneurs probably wouldn’t make any significant changes to their businesses on a whim. It would take a serious incident or change of heart to make someone upheave their business.
Well, meet Jonathan Lawler. He owns and runs a farm in rural Indiana. Each year, his farm sells around 700,000 pounds of food. That’s not exactly small peanuts.
One day, his son came home from school and shared a story that troubled Jonathan. His son said that a friend of his needed to rely on food from the school’s food pantry because he didn’t have enough to eat at home. Jonathan was blown away, mainly because the entire area surrounding the school was made up of farm land. There was so much food surrounding his son’s friend, but none of it was accessible to him.
Moved by this story, Jonathan pledged to revamp his business. He decided to convert his farm into a non-profit organization that grows food specifically for food banks and soup kitchens. His goal is donate to 500k pounds of food in one year. In five years, he hopes to have 500 acres of land that poduce food to feed the 135,000 food insecure people nearby.
Hear more of Jonathan’s touching story below!