Fatal Car Accident on Highway, Firemen Fed Up and Spray Water on Onlookers’ Cars

In today’s day and age, everyone spends more time with their eyes on their phones than eyes on the road.

After a fatal crash on a highway in Germany, many passers-by pulled out their devices to capture the scene, hoping to share the story with their friends.

That is until the firemen noticed it happening and lost their patience. Many motorists stopped to film the tragic aftermath but were met with a powerful water hose when driving by.

Filming or recording an accident when people are injured or even death is just unethical and disrespectful for the families involved.

It also slows down traffic and obstructs the crew from carrying out their work fast and efficiently. In the video, you can see fire crews blasting water at onlooker’s cars to potentially stop them from recording.

Watch the clip below to see the incident unfold!


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