Caring for a child with autism is a difficult job – a full-time one too, sometimes.
Well, for one father living with a 14-year-old child with autism, that job is complicated by his child’s fixation. As the story below says, his child will not drink outside of the their house and, even then, will only drink from a particular variety of cup – one that is no long manufactured.

Unfortunately, the cup he has is about to fall apart. This is their second and final cup and they desperately need more. In order to save their family the strife and fallout that might come from getting rid of the cup, they are searching for as many as they can find so that they can stock up on them.


Amazingly, the reaction on Facebook has been overwhelming!


So far, they’ve already amassed a bunch of them, but they definitely need more.


If you happen to have this cup to spare, send a message to @GrumpyCarer on Twitter to let her know!