Lamar Austin, a man from New Hampshire, lost his job when he was stuck with a decision – work or welcoming his newborn son into the world.
Of course, like any other father would, Austin went right to the hospital and immediately got a text following saying he was “terminated”.
Lamar Austin worked for Salerno Protective Services, a private security group for college campuses and retail stores. He was in the middle of his 90-day trial period and was expected to be on call night and day.

He could not attend the weekend shift they expected him to work due to his wife, Lindsay, going into labor. It lasted from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

But once word spread of Austin’s termination, he received tons of financial support, including new job offers.


“Sometimes you lose something and you get something even better,” Mr Austin told the Concord Monitor.

Advocate Sara Persechino launched a GoFundMe campaign for the family that, as of now, has raised roughly $3000 of the $5000 goal.


In addition to the public financial support, Austin received three job offers.

Good on the public for helping out this father who just wanted to do the right thing!