Flea Riddled Dog Is Rescued, but Best Friend Won’t Let Them Go Without Him

When the Arizona Humane Society went on a rescue mission for a malnourished, flea riddled German Shepherd, little did they know they’d be coming back to HQ with an extra Chihuahua.

Jericho, our sickly German Shepherd, and his best friend Jefe, our lovable Chihuahua sideman, are an inseparable duo. Ever since they were brought into the Humane Society’s shelter the pair have not only been staying in the same cage, but Jefe has been there to comfort his big buddy Jericho.

When 12 News spoke with the staff at the Society, one of the caretakers had an interesting story to tell reporters. “So when our animal rescuers went to load up Jericho and carry him to the truck, our pet ambulance, little Jefe was saying “nah-ah, you’re not leaving without me!” So we had to take the 2 together.”

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Thursday, October 5, 2017


Now that there’s been time to treat Jericho for his fleas, he’s been regaining his strength but sadly is still plagued by valley fever. This sickness is one that persists, and once it latches on to its victim it becomes quite costly to take care of. That’s why the Arizona Humane Society have gone out of their way to waive the adoption fees for Jericho and Jefe, to not only keep them together but also to make it a bit easier on their new human best friend’s wallet!

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Thursday, October 5, 2017

If you’re in the Arizona region and would like to look into adopting these two beautiful pups, or any of their other beautiful rescues, head on over to the AZ Humane Society’s website!


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