FleetPlows: Automatic Snow Clearing from Bus or Truck Roof

Have you ever drove in the winter and noticed people that didn’t sweep the snow off their roof? It’s frustrating, and quite frankly – dangerous. It’s even more dangerous when it’s a truck or a bus that has snow on their roof.

FleetPlow automates the process of removing the snow off your roof without the operational or liability costs. It’s designed for an efficient, fast and low-maintenance operation.

The FleetPlows can be controlled by a user remote or a one-tap full automation on the side post. Either way, it gets the job done much more effectively.

It uses a straight-edge wiper for trucks and a v-shape brush for buses to ensure a clean state on both vehicles when you drive across the plow.

The FleetPlow is a great tool for safe driving in the winter and can be installed as a base mount in an empty lot or as a portable device that you can store away in the warmer seasons.

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Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

FleetPlow Portable
Wheels attached on posts

FleetPlow Base-Mount
Base plate bolt-on mounting system

FleetPlow Wide-Spanner
Extra-Wide model