Floaty Pants: Party Flotation Device That Lets You Sit Back In The Water

Do you ever feel like you want to lounge around during a pool party? And sure, I guess you could throw on a life vest and float about, but where is the fun in that.

The Floaty Pants is a hands-free party floatation device that will keep you above water while you’re lounging around.

Floaty Pants 1

It comes in various funny designs to make it even more fun to wear such as: a sexy thong, a man’s Speedo, a plumbers crack, and more.

Floaty Pants 2

It comes in two different sizes: Medium and Large. The Medium size is designed for people that weigh 100-180 lbs, while the Large is designed for people that weigh 170-300 lbs.

Floaty Pants 3

Floaty Pants is made with strong, water-resistant nylon so that it won’t leak after you get out of the water. To strap on the Floaty Pants, simply tighten the four nylon straps and buckle up.

Floaty Pants 4

It’s the perfect device for a great summer pool party with your friends.

Whether you’re lounging around for fun, or want to keep your drink above water, or just too short, the Floaty Pants helps you do it all!

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Available on Amazon.

Watch the demo down below!


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To view the entire collection, check out their Website.

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