Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but sometimes we don’t treat them that way. Often times when adopting pets, we get hung up on their appearance and age. Many sick, old, or less attractive animals never get adopted, leaving them to live out the rest of their lives in shelters.
Thankfully, there are people like Ronnie Stanley. Stanley was the 2016 first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens. Stanley, his girlfriend, and his teammate Alexander Lewis paid a visit to the BARCS Animal Shelter recently with the specific intent of adopting a neglected dog. That is when he met Winter.

Raven Dog 1

Winter was found abandoned in a stifling apartment on a hot summer day with no water. Her stomach droops because she was forced to breed too many times. Stanley and Winter hit it off almost immediately, so Stanley adopted her. Now the two are good friends and Winter has a loving home.

Raven Dog 2

BARCS says they hope that many people follow Stanley’s lead and see that older, less physically perfect dogs are just as easy to love as young puppies.