Redditor GrandpaSquarepants purchased an old clock at the Goodwill for $3.00. Inspired by its nostalgic design, he decided to turn the clock into a one-of-a-king time-telling art piece. Below is his process.

Total cost was $3.00.

Open It Up
Separate the clock portion from the radio portion.

He removed any extra wiring to disconnect the radio completely, and run the clock off AC.

Strip It Down
He stripped down the mechanics, removing the switches for the alarm clock. Since the radio had been removed, this will no longer function as an alarm.

From here, the project was put on temporary hold.

Back At It!
After a few minor tidies, the mechanism was ready to go.

Prettying It Up
A few more tidies. The 30 year old sticker was removed.

Dry Assembly Of Plexiglass Box

Laying Out The Pieces

Space For The Power Cable

Plexiglass Achieved!

Wood Base

Time Setting Knob
The original time setting knob was lost. This was made from an Ikea peg that had been cut and sanded.

Finished Product – Daytime
A 1970s “split flap” clock radio purchased from a thrift store that was stripped down and housed in plexiglass.

Finished Product – Nighttime