French Man Confesses His Parents Hates Him Being a Magician, Then Blows Away the Crowd with His Act

When we think of magic, we think of playing cards or other gimmicky items like that. But unfortunately, this kind of magic has become a lost art. With new technology and gadgets, it’s just that much harder to impress the crowd.

That’s why, these talented French twins decided to incorporate that technology into their magic act.

When their act started, one of the twins, Tony, explained that his parents weren’t exactly happy about his career choice. But, he continued with a smile on his face, “Today I want to prove to you, and prove to my parents, that I can become a magician!”

Then, as the act starts, you can tell the judges and the audience are blown away by their unique act. Using a series of props and the screen behind them, they perform magic like none other.

Watch the twins’ unique act in the video below:


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