Fridge Mate: Instantly Add Another Storage Area to Your Fridge

Do you struggle to find space for all your food in your fridge? The Fridge Mate is perfect for you! It’s designed to instantly add an extra storage area to organize your food.


It adds extra drawers under shelf space that is typically underused. This gives you the extra space you need without taking away from the space you already have. The design is customizable and can snap on to any shelf.


The smooth glide track opens and closes easily, and it installs in seconds—no tools required! Plus, you can use it in other places. Use it in the fridge to organize lunches, in your kitchen cupboards to eliminate wasted space, or in your pantry for maximizing storage.


The spring-loaded shelf design can attach to virtually any shelf, and it has a grip that will stay completely secure. It also comes with fresh green liners to help you prolong the life of your produce!


This shelving solution will give you your fridge space back!


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