You know those moments when you’re at work trying to do your job, and someone interrupts your work flow? Like, when you’re discussing something with your coworkers and suddenly an elk walks up and joins the conversation?
No? Well, these Kittitas County Fire District #7 workers certainly do.

Elk 6

While these firefighters were working on a wildfire in a Washington state forest, the elk, who is named Buttons, emerged and started hanging around with the crew. Aparently, she is known to the locals for being very affectionate.

Elk 2

Elk 5

Buttons, who is an orphan, lives on the hillside with the local cows and goats.

Elk 1

She has also been seen hanging around the local chimpanzee sanctuary, visiting with the rescued animals there.

Elk 7

Firefighters say that they were happy to have Buttons around. She gave them a much needed spot of joy in the middle of the otherwise somber activity of extinguishing a wildfire.

Elk 3

Elk 4