Furniture Feet: Push, Slide and Glide Your Furniture

Does your furniture keep scratching the floor no matter how little you move it?

Wish there was an easy solution that works on virtually any piece of furniture?

Furniture Feet has the solution for you!

Now you can easily slide, glide and move heavy couches and chairs like they’re floating on air!

The Furniture Feet Boots protect floors from scratches & scuffs by effortlessly glide across floors smoothly.

No need for any sticky tape, nails or glue to use!

Simply slip the boot onto any furniture leg and the durable poly-vinyl will stretch to fit securely, ready to protect.

The super strong woven fibers make a durable, permanent pad that won’t scratch when sliding across the floors.

They are built to last 5 times longer than ordinary felt pads and are fitted and styled to fit right.

The transparent sleeve protects chair legs from damaged and matches any style decor.

The boots can fit round, square, fat, skinny, metal and even wood legs and fit right and tight.

Push, slide and glide with the Furniture Feet Boots and keep your floors scratch proof!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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