G5 Marine Stik Boat: The World’s First Personal Fishing Boat

If you love fishing, the G5 Marine Stik Boat is perfect for you! It’s designed to be the ideal boat for people who love fishing alone.


The design is a hybrid of a bass boat, kayak, and a skiff, and it also features a streamlined hull. These features give you the ability to stand and fish anywhere on the deck—you’ll be able to fish comfortably anywhere in the water!


The boat has a jet-driven 17.5 HP engine, running quietly and not disturbing the fish below you. Its top speed is 27 mph, and it can hold 3.7 gallons of fuel for a roughly 30-40 mile ride—it’ll keep up with you all day long!


It can float in just three inches of water, and you can control it with a joystick—just like playing a video game! The boat has cold storage and dry storage for all your catches, and it’s easy to transport to and from the lake.


Controlled by a stick, this easy-to-use boat is perfect for any fishing fanatic!


For more information on the Stik Boat, contact the company here.


Watch the demo down below!


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G5 Marine Fishing Stik Boat