Garth Brooks Sees Woman Holding Up Sign, Stops Performance to Give Her His Guitar

Before going to a concert, we often buy tickets months in advance and counted down the days until the big show.

With all the time and effort used to prepare for the concert, it would be a real bummer if you couldn’t make it right?

Well, this courageous lady at the front row made sure she would make it no matter the reason, even when currently battling cancer!

Theresa Shaw, a concertgoer wanting to see Garth Brooks at the Target Centre in Minneapolis, was battling stage 3 breast cancer at the time of the concert and decided to make a sign, showing her dedication.

On her sign reads “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance”.

Garth quickly stepped off stage to meet Theresa and continues his performance directly to her even hugging and kissing her.

On top of that, he proceeded to take his guitar off and give her the whole thing!

It’s hard not to feel emotional during the whole video, just watch it for yourself!


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