Gas Station Worker Takes Precautionary Measures After Man Refuses to Put Out Cigarette

From a young age we always feel like the rules are getting in our way, making it harder to do the things we want to do. We’ll always be told that they’re there for a good reason, to protect and keep us safe. That’s the truth of it all, but even through that, even with all the logic backing it some people still choose to break the rules.

Our prime example comes from a man in Bulgaria that refused to put out his cigarette when he pulled into a gas station. Yes, you read that correctly, this man wouldn’t put out his cigarette where there’s countless flammable materials, even after being asked countless times by the attendant to extinguish it. The station’s employee finally took matters into his own hands and put it out for him in the most hilarious way possible. Not a bucket of water, not by tossing it to the ground but by unleashing the fury of a fire extinguisher on the rebel. Justice at its finest!

If you had been the attendant, would you have done the same or tried some other creative way to keep you and your other customers safe? Watch below as the man gets served a ripe justice apple! (The action starts around 0:45.)


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