Redditor Martinus decided his dining room wall needed… something. Not wanted to spend his dollars on expensive wall art, Martinus decided to take the matter into his own hands. With no illustration or painting experience, he created this wall art below.

via martinus

This Wall Is Boring

Paint, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and a roller. He also added 10% to the paint to make for easier painting.

More Supplies!
This is a brilliant idea.

Find A Cool Photo
This is a still from the movie Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa.

The Same Photo, Simplified
Using Inkscape (, the graphic was converted to black and white. Tweak your photo as you see fit.

First Projection Attempt
You can project your photo with any image viewing app that has a fullscreen mode. Take time to align the projector properly, keeping it stable and steady for the next few hours.

Transfer To Negative
The negative image will make your painting life easier. Simply paint whatever is bright or white. It’s a good idea to use the negative, to avoid painting any shadows caused by objects in the room, e.g. the watering can.

The Painting Begins

All told, it took 7 hours!

Another Picture, To Scale