No one likes a dirty windshield, especially one that’s a graveyard for bugs. Alongside being annoying, it is also a real safety issue. Cleaning your windshield while you pump gas gets most of it, but there’s almost always leftover dirt and water stains. Unless you spend a good bit of money for a decent car wash, you will rarely have a perfectly clean windshield.
Tired by such struggles, one man set out on a mission to keep our windshields cleaner and for longer. In this video he gives us a whole bunch of tips and tricks for getting your windshield clean and keeping it clean, leaving you with a crystal clear windshield. Not only shall your windshield be super clean now, it’ll be easier to clean the next time the need arises, and will help make your drives a little more pleasant.

As the guys over at RVgeeks point out, it is important to use 0000 steel wool.

0000 steel wool is not as hard as glass, and will not scratch it at all. It cleans really well, and we find it to be a quick, inexpensive and effective way to polish the glass.