Geyser Systems Outdoor Shower: Take a Hot Shower Wherever You Are

Do you love the outdoors but hate how you can never stay clean? The Geyser Systems Outdoor Shower is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you a nice hot shower no matter where you are.


All you need is one gallon of water for seven continuous minutes of hot water! Simply add a gallon of water, plug it into the car charger, and attach the sponge. After three easy steps, you can live just like you do at home on the road.


It cleans dishes with its lowest water flow rate, making your water last for up to 20 minutes! At 11 lbs, it’s easy to carry around, and the compact design is easy to store—it’s only 1.5 ft. tall. It can fit anywhere you need it to, and it can pack away when you aren’t using it.


You have complete control over the water—it has water level sensors that let you know when you’re running low on water, letting you conserve water if you need to. Plus, it has industry-leading temperature control, heating your water in just 20-30 minutes!


It’s perfect for almost any outdoor activity: camping, outdoor music festivals, running, and dirt biking!


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