Giga Super Jacket: Travel in Comfort with These 16 Features

Perfect for those long flights, this super jacket has 16 amazing features built right into the jacket.

The GIGA Jacket was built with the intention to be ready for anything, concealing many useful features in and around the jacket.

First off, the duck down and feather jacket can be folded back into itself to be able to be carried when not needed or can be also used as a pillow.

On the jacket itself, the removable hood conceals a built-in scarf to keep warm, a detachable winter mask for extra warmth and also a detachable eye mask for the long flights.

On the inside of the jacket, there are multiple pockets that are perfect for passports, boarding passes, an IPad on the back of the jacket, and even a transparent phone pocket that is touch sensitive.

To keep your eyewear and headphones safe, there is a built-in loop for both to hang them up ensuring you never lose track of them.

For a jacket that has it all, consider giving GIGA a try the next time you fly!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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GIGA Super Jacket