Gliss Speed: Race Around with Friends on Water Go-Karts

Perfect for enjoying a nice summer’s day on the water, you can now race around on the water on water go-karts!

The Gliss Speed is the first ever nautical water go-kart that is easy to drive and accessible for all ages.


Even kids as young as 9 years old can safely operate the Gliss-Speed due to its stability and ease of use.


Just like you would on a jet ski, you maneuver the Gliss with handlebars that are extremely intuitive responsive to your actions and it features a low center of gravity with a streamlined hull that is ideal for fun out on the water.


It runs on lithium batteries that have a lifetime of about 2000 hours which can be useful for endless hours of racing on the water.


For an even greater enhancement to the fun, there is a Giss-Speed race track that will definitely increase competition and add excitement.


Built with an electric engine and a lithium battery, the Gliss-Speed can go up to 14 knots (25km/h), however, the power is recommended to remain below 5 hp to allow everybody to ride the Gliss safely.


It features environmentally friendly attributes as it does not produce any emission, no noise, and is fully electric.

Share the fun on the water with a Gliss-Speed!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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