Golfboard: Zip Through the Golf Course with Fun

Perfect for the avid golfer, this gadget will let you zip through the golf course, giving you more time to play and less time traveling to the next hole.

The GolfBoard is an electric scooter that is used in replacement of traditional golf carts to speed up the process of going to the next hole.

It reaches a maximum of 10 miles per hour and can be safely ridden by anyone and everyone of all ages.

A golf bag platform is built on the front of the GolfBoard allowing you to bring everything you need to tee off in one go.

Much like a skateboard or surfing, you can turn easily by just leaning on the side you wish to go and can weave through any obstacle, adding more fun to the golf experience.

Instead of having to hop back into your golf cart and travel the paved surface, the 11-inch wheels with durable Kenda tires are soft enough to be used on the turf, saving unnecessary travel time.

To enjoy more of the golf experience and make it more exciting, considering trying the GolfBoard the next time you tee off!

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Watch the demo video down below!


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