Goodwill Worker Opens Donated Purse and Discovers $39,000 in Cash Hidden Inside

Finding money on the ground might just be the best feeling in the world. Whether it be a couple dollars or a decent amount of money, it could be used for the next coffee or meal.

For this Goodwill worker in New York, she would have been able to buy coffees for the rest of her life with the $39,000 she found.

Upon sorting through the donated items in the bin, she came across a purse, stuffed with $39,000 of cash and thought of it as a joke.

After turning the situation over to her manager, they tracked down the owner of the purse which happened to be a customer’s 101-year-old grandmother’s before she passed away.

The nephews of the grandmother were then contacted and the money was returned to their family. As for the 51-year old Goodwill worker, she received a $3,900 bonus for her honesty.


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