Green Wood Rings: Handmade Mysteries in Every Ring

Perfect for those who just love to show off their jewelry, this company makes rings from wood that are truly remarkable and stunning.

Green Wood is a company that re-creates landscape artistry in the form of a ring, crafting one-of-a-kind rings with each their own unique design.

Handmade by their craftsmen, the rings are made using different wood and jewelry resin, some even encasing blossoms or even a gold leaf.

When ordering a ring, you can choose the material of the rim (insert) from either a wooden rim (without insert) or a silver rim (additional silver insert).

The designs of the rings are truly remarkable and are the perfect gift option for any occasion.

Green Wood specializes in handcrafted rings but also has pendants that have the same unique design.

Available Here.

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Where To Buy

Green Wood Handmade Rings
Many Styles Available

$59 – $70+

Green Wood Handmade Pendant
Many Styles Available