Every now and then some harmless pranks can be quite fun. Other pranks – like the majority of those on Youtube – are fake. Many are also downright dangerous and awful. But the team at Prank It FWD always do the best and most heartwarming of ‘pranks’.
They have been doing this for a while, and have changed many lives for the better in the process. Additionally, they donate $1 for every 1,000 views of their videos they get to DoSomething.org which is a huge platform for social change. By watching their videos and sharing their videos, you are actually helping the homeless in this case.

And boy did the team help! They converted a homeless shelter into a spa for a day, offering fresh clothes, haircuts, makeovers, and even massages. They also handed out lots of good and useful goodies, as well as donating several thousand dollars to the shelter to help it continue its mission of getting people off the streets and into homes.