Being a musician takes a lot of dedication, effort, and practice. It only stands to reason, then, that becoming a musical instrument is even harder.
Body percussion is a fairly common form of music, wherein one or more people ‘play’ their bodies like a percussive instrument. Depending on where and how you hit, you can generate a variety of different sounds. It takes practice, but when done right, body percussion can make some pretty impressive music.

What’s less common, however, is body percussionists who use someone else’s body as their instrument.

The group Tummy Talk is made up of a handful of percussionists and one drum – a human drum.

Niuvaai Luamanuvae, the human drum, is not a musician like the rest of the group. In fact, he is a youth counsellor by trade. Given that fact, it’s surprising how successful his career as a drum seems to be!

Check out Tummy Talk in the clip below!